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E-banking ‍and some of its modes

E-banking implies provision of banking products and services through electronic delivery channels. It permits anytime, anywhere and any how banking and offers easy, faster, convenient, low cost banking services around the clock.

E-Banking as the wave of the future, provides enormous benefits to consumers in terms of cost of transactions, either through internet, telephone or other electronic delivery channels. There are various types of e-banking services like PC banking, SMS banking, Mobile Banking, Tele Banking etc. Here is a general information of entire E-banking:

কালকের জন্য রেখে না দিয়ে হাতে পাওয়ার সাথে সাথেই কমপক্ষে একবার সম্পূর্ণটা পড়ে যান। এটাই Preparation এর সর্বশ্রেষ্ঠ পন্থা। আপনি অনেকের থেকেই এগিয়ে থাকবেন।

ParticularsApril, 2018
No. of Debit Card12236835
No. of Credit Card980735
No. of ATM Booths9650
No of POS terminals39650
NPSB certified Banks for ATM trans.51 Banks
NPSB certified Banks for POS trans.50 Banks
NPSB certified Banks for IBFT trans.12 Banks

Now some E-Banking services are described below-

E-banking: PC Banking

Using the PC banking or home banking customers can use their personal computers at home or at their office to access their accounts for transactions. Basically, there are two types of PC banking.

The first type is online banking, in which bank transactions are conducted within closed networks. The customer needs specialized software provided by his bank.

The second type is Internet banking, which permits the customer to conduct transactions from any terminal with access to the Internet. Internet banking would free both bankers and customers of the need for proprietary software to carry on with their online banking transactions. For instance, one may use a computer to view his account balance, request transfers between accounts, and pay bills electronically.

January 2018 statistics shows- currently, 40 out of 57 scheduled commercial banks in Bangladesh offer internet banking facilities. As of January 2018, there are nearly 17.61 lakh users of internet banking, according to data from the Bangladesh Bank.

The City Bank Limited, Eastern Bank Limited, Mutual Trust Bank Limited and the Standard Chartered Bank have maximum shares of the internet banking customers. These banks already have introduced their own mobile banking apps which made internet banking more accessible and easier.

E-banking: SMS Banking

The SMS banking service is an information service of the Bank, which enables the holders of payment cards issued by the Bank to receive SMS information on the statement and movements on the account, by cell phone. The Bank sends messages for movements on the payment card accounts, by transaction, to the cell phone of the service user, stated in the application for use of the SMS banking.

E-banking: Mobile Banking

Actually mobile banking is a variation of Internet banking. Mobile banking is a good example of how the lines between the various forms of e-banking are becoming gradually blurred. Due to the new transmission technologies such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), portable terminal like mobile phones, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, personal digital assistant (PDA) or small hand-held PCs are providing bank customers with access to the Internet and thus paving the way to Internet banking. It assures immense flexibility and makes the financial services independent of time and place. However, the use of mobile banking is still in a nascent state. Now 18 banks are launching this service and 2.8 crore people are using it(Banikbarta).

সনাতন দা‘র আড্ডার পোস্ট আপডেট পেতে notification subscribe করে রাখুন। আড্ডার নতুন পোস্ট আপনাকেই খুজে নিবে। নিচের ফেসবুক বাটনে ক্লিক করে আপনার টাইমলাইনে শেয়ার করে রাখুন।

E-banking: Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

An automated teller machine or automatic teller machine (ATM) is an electronic computerized telecommunications device that allows a financial institution’s customers to directly use a secure method of communication to access their bank accounts, order or make cash withdrawals (or cash advances using a credit card) and check their account balances without the need for a human bank teller. Many ATMs also allow people to deposit cash or cheques, transfer money between their bank accounts, top up their mobile phones’ pre-paid accounts or even buy postage stamps.

There are 53 Banks operating card business in the country. Among 53 banks 51 banks are interoperable for ATM transactions through National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB). That is, a cardholder of any bank from these 51 NPSB member banks can use ATM of all other banks throughout the country. Cardholders are getting banking services like cash withdrawal, mini statement and balance inquiry for 24/7 from almost all ATMs in the country.

E-banking: Tele Banking

By dialing the given Tele banking number through a landline or a mobile from anywhere, the customer can access his account and by following the user-friendly menu, entire banking can be done through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. With sufficient numbers of hunting lines made available, customer call will hardly fail.

Adequate legal framework and maximum security are the two essential factors for Internet banking. The comprehensive security infrastructure includes layers of security from the network to the browser, including sophisticated encryption that protects customers’ from intrusion when they access the bank over the public network.

In fine, E-Banking is becoming popular in Bangladesh day by day. All walks of customers can withdraw and deposit money any time within 24 hours of a day with ease. So necessary initiative should be taken to improve the quality of e-banking service by reducing financial insecurities, reducing tax on e-banking equipment, close monitoring, legal provisions for controlling frauds and malpractices etc.

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