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basic computer knowledge test : এই পোস্টে basic computer knowledge test question গুলো বিশেষ করে AUST কর্তৃক নেয়া সকল basic computer knowledge test question একত্র করে দেয়া হল। কারণ একটাই, যাতে স্বল্প সময়ে সবগুলো basic computer knowledge test এ চোখ বুলানো যায়। হাতে পাওয়ামাত্রই কমপক্ষে একবার পুরোটা পড়ে ফেলবেন। পরবর্তীতে আসছে Extra কিছু question।

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AUST এ পর্যন্ত যে ব্যাংক প্রিলিগুলো নিয়েছে এবং তার মধ্যে যেসকল প্রশ্নগুলো পাওয়া গেছে তার মধ্য থেকে নিম্নলিখিত তালিকা অনুযায়ী basic computer knowledge test question এবং ক্ষেত্রবিশেষে Explanation দেয়া হল। যদি কোন উত্তরে আপনার Confusion জাগে তাহলে অবশ্যই তা যাচাই করে নিবেন। কেননা, কেউ ভুলের উর্ধে:নয়। তালিকাটি নিম্নরূপ:

  1. SBL Assistant Programmar 2016
  2. ICB Assistant Programmar 2017
  3. PKB EO (Cash) 2018
  4. PKB SEO 2018
  5. Basic Bank Assistant Manager 2018
  6. SBL Cash 2018
  7. Combined 3 Bank Senior Officer 2018

basic computer knowledge test সম্পর্কে দু’টি কথা

AUST যদি তার চরিত্র পরিবর্তন না করে তাহলে এই basic computer knowledge test থেকে প্রচুর পরিমানে কমন পড়ার সম্ভাবনা রয়েছে।

পোস্টের উপরে বা নিচে ফেসবুক শেয়ার বাটনে ক্লিক করে basic computer knowledge test আপনার টাইমলাই রেখে দিতে পারেন।

basic computer knowledge test question for preli

01.By default, your documents print in ________ mode.

A.                 Page setup

B.                 Landscape

C.                 Portrait

D.                 Print preview

Answer: Portrait

02.Computer Virus is a __________ .

A.                 Hardware

B.                 Software

C.                 Bacteria

D.                 Freeware

Answer: Software

03.Which of the followings is word processing software?

A.                 Perfect

B.                 Wordpad

C.                 MS Word

D.                 All of these

Answer: All of these

04 Which of the following is not the Section Break Option?

A.         Next Page

B.         Previous Page

C.         Odd Page

D.         Even Page

উত্তর:  Previous Page

05. Portrait and Landscape are

A.         Page Orientation

B.         Pager Size

C.         Page Layout

D.         All of above

উত্তর:  Page Orientation

06. Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as

A.         Storage

B.         Output

C.         Input

D.         Information

 উত্তর:  A,C

07. Graphical pictures that represent an object like file, folders etc, are:

A.         Icons

B.         Desktop

C.         Task bar

D.         Windows

উত্তর: Icons

08. Which type of cable is used to connect the COM port of a host to the COM port of a router or switch?

A.         Crossover

B.         Straight-through

C.         Rolled

D.         Shielded twisted pair

Answer: Rolled

09. Which protocol can cause overload on a CPU of a managed device?

A.         Netflow

B.         WCCP

C.         IP SLA

D.         SNMP

Answer: SNMP

10. Which of the following is a group of one or more attributes that uniquely indenfies a row?

A.         Key

B.         Determinant

C.         Tuple

D.         Relation

Answer: Key

11. For every relationship, how many possible sets of minimum cardinalities are there?

A.         Two

B.         Three

C.         Four

D.         Six

Answer: Four

12. The SQL statement that queries or reads data from a table is

A.         SELECT

B.         READ

C.         QUERY

D.         None of the above

Answer: SELECT

13. Which of the following protocols uses both TCP and UDP ports?

A.         SMTP

B.         telnet 6

C.         FTP

D.         DNS

Answer: DNS

14. Two dimensional arrays are also called –

A.         tables arrays

B.         matrix arrays

C.         both a and b

D.         None of the above

Answer: both a and b

15. Which of the following TCP/IP addresses constitute the loopback address?






16. Which one is modern light weight message exchange format?

A.         XML

B.         MX

C.         JSON

D.         HTML

Answer: JSON

Exp: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.

17. Register Circuit is not used in-

A.         digital clocks

B.         computers

C.         RAM

D.         Amplifier

Answer: digital clocks

18. Which one is a universal logic gate?

A.         NAND

B.         AND

C.         OR

D.         NOT

Answer: NAND

19. If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?

A.         Edit

B.         View

C.         Format

D.         Tools

উত্তর: Format

20. You can move between two or more Excel files opened by using the

A.         ctrl + tab

B.         ctrl + page up

C.         ctrl + page down

D.         ctrl + F9

উত্তর: ctrl + tab

21. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a

A.         column

B.         box

C.         table

D.         cell

উত্তর: cell

22. The process of transforming files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called

A.         Forwarding

B.         Downloading

C.         FTP

D.         Uploading

উত্তর: Downloading

23. You can detect spelling and grammar errors by

A.         Press Shift + F7

B.         Press Ctrl + F7

C.         Press Alt + F7

D.         Press F7

উত্তর: Press F7

24. _______ are software which is used to do particular task.

A.         Operating system

B.         Data

C.         Software

D.         Program


25. The program compresses large files into a smaller file

A.         WinZip

B.         WinShrink

C.         WinStyle

D.         None of them

উত্তর: WinZip

26. Which can be used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?

A.         Status bar

B.         Tools bar

C.         Menu bar

D.         Title bar

উত্তর: Tools bar

27. Operating System is the most common type of ______ software.

A.         System

B.         Application

C.         Communication

D.         None of these

উত্তর: System

28. A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is

A.         Keyboard

B.         Plotter

C.         Scanner

D.         None of these

Answer: Scanner

Exp: Scanner is a light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form.

29. Which of the following memory is non-volatile?

A.         ROM

B.         DRAM

C.         SRAM

D.         None of these

Answer: ROM

30. Which network protocol is used to send e-mail?

A.         SMTP

B.         FTP

C.         SSH

D.         POP3

Answer: SMTP

Exp: SMTP denotes Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

31. The operating system manages _________ .

A.         Memory

B.         Processor

C.         Devices

D.         All of the above

Answer: All of the above

32. Ctrl + N is used to

A.         Save Document

B.         Open Document

C.         New Document

D.         Close Document

Answer: New Document

Exp: Ctrl + S = Save Document; Ctrl + V = Paste; Ctrl + O = Open File

33. By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?

A.         on first page

B.         on alternate page

C.         on every page

D.         none of the above

Answer: on every page

34. Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes?

A.         Standard

B.         Formatting

C.         Print Preview

D.         None of these

Answer: Formatting

Exp: মাইক্রোসফট ওয়ার্ড ২০০৩ ভার্সন অনুযায়ী Formatting toolbar এর মাধ্যমে

35. Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in

A.         Web layout view

B.         Print Layout view

C.         Reading View

D.         Print Preview

Answer: Print Preview

36. What is the default font size of a new Word document based on Normal template?

A.         9 pt

B.         12 pt

C.         14 pt

D.         None of above

Answer: 12 pt

Exp: ২০০৩ ভার্সনে ডিফল্ট ফন্ট সাইজ ১২ ছিল। আর বর্তমানে ডিফল্ট ফন্ট সাইজ ১১।

37. A Microsoft Windows is a(n)

A.         Operating system

B.         Graphic program

C.         Word Processing

D.         Database program

Answer: Operating system

38. Which of the following Operating System does not implement multitasking truly?

A.         Windows

B.         Windows NT

C.         MS DOS

D.         Windows XP

Answer: MS DOS

39. Verification of a login name and password is known as:

A.         configuration

B.         authentication

C.         accessibility

D.         logging in

Answer: authentication

40. A special type of memory chip that holds software that can be read but not written to

A.         RAM

B.         Mother Board

C.         ROM

D.         CPU

Answer: ROM

41. The set of instructions that tells the computer what to do is

A.         Softcopy

B.         Hardware

C.         Software

D.         Hardcopy

Answer: Software

42. Which of the following will not protect you from spam?

A.         spam blockers

B.         e-mail rules

C.         filters

D.         popup blocker

Answer: popup blocker

43. ________ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

A.         The operating system

B.         The motherboard

C.         The platform

D.         Application software

Answer: The operating system

44. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT.

A.         Viruses

B.         Hackers

C.         Spam

D.         Identity theft

Answer: Spam

45. Which of the following is used for close a tab on a browser?

A.         Ctrl+Y

B.         Ctrl+W

C.         Ctrl + A

D.         Ctrl+T

Answer: Ctrl+W

46. When cutting and pasting, cutting section is temporarily stored in

A.         Dashboard

B.         Hard drive

C.         Diskette

D.         Clipboard

Answer: Clipboard

47. Which of the following is a correct format of Email address?


B.         care@website@com




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