bank general knowledge question(Sonali): ৭২টি

bank general knowledge question for Sonali Bank Senior Officer

ইতিপূর্বে ০১/০৬/২০১৮ তারিখে অনুষ্ঠিতব্য সোনালী ব্যাংক সিনিয়র অফিসার-২০১৬(to be held in 2018) এর জন্য Arts faculty, DU কর্তৃক গৃহীত ব্যাংকের প্রিলিসমূহ থেকে বাছাই করে বাংলা(৮১টি), ইংরেজি(১১০টি) ও কম্পিউটার(২৮টি) প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর আপলোড করা হয়েছিল। এই পোস্টে আপলোড করা হল (৭২টি) bank general knowledge question।

বাছাইকৃত (৭২টি) bank general knowledge question

1. The main function of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is to combat –

A.    money laundering

B.    corruption

C.    double taxation

D.   black money

Answer: money laundering

2. The agenda 2063 is a strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of

A.    Africa

B.    Asia

C.    South America

D.   North America

Answer: Africa

3. Recently the country withdrew from UN refugee programme is –

A.    Tanzania

B.    Myanmar

C.    Syria

D.   USA

Answer: Tanzania

4. The country, pioneer in launching the FM radio broadcasting is –

A.    Iran

B.    Nigeria

C.    Brazil

D.   Norway

Answer: Norway

5. The first player to score 10,000 runs in T20 Cricket is –

A.    AB de Villiers

B.    Chris Gayle

C.    Virat Kohli

D.   Tamim Iqbal

Answer: Chris Gayle

6. The author of the book ‘Unstoppable: My Life So Far’ is –

A.    Mary Kom

B.    Maria Sharapova

C.    Malala Yousufzai

D.   Martina Navratilova

Answer: Maria Sharapova

7. Who won the FIFA Men’s Player Award for 2017?

A.    Cristiano Ronaldo

B.    Garcth Bale

C.    Lionel Messi

D.   Neymar

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo

8. The name of the first Robot that had given citizenship by Saudi Arabia is –

A.    Rebeka

B.    Anita

C.    Sophia

D.   Mariah

Answer: Sophia

9. The war strategy of Muktibahini is known as –

A.    Mujibnagar strategy

B.    Rajarbag strategy

C.    Teliapara strategy

D.   Muktifouz strategy

Answer: Teliapara strategy

10. The number of lines of our National Anthem played at any national ceremony is first –

A.    10 lines

B.    4 lines

C.    6 lines

D.   5 lines

Answer: 4 lines

11. The size of Bangladesh’s national budget in fiscal year 2017-18 is –

A.    3 lac 80 crore

B.    4 lac 266 crore

C.    4 lac SO crore

D.   5 lac 600 crore

Answer: 4 lac 266 crore

12. The number of common rivers between Bangladesh and india is –

A.    50

B.    52

C.    53

D.   54

Answer: 54

13. The national Jute day is on –

A.    5th March

B.    6th March

C.    5th April

D.   6th April

Answer: 6th March

14. Teletalk recently launched a promotional offer for women is –

A.    Bohnnishikha

B.    Anannya

C.    Aporajita

D.   Shampuma

Answer: Aporajita

15. The name of the ancient locality of Bengal is –

A.    Gaur

B.    Tamralipti

C.    Anga

D.   Koshala

Answer: Gaur

16. The name of the organization who recently Invited the three Nobel (peace) laureates in Bangladesh is –

A.    Naripaksha

B.    BRAC

C.    ASA

D.   Nije Kori

Answer: Naripaksha

17. The following is not a landlocked country

A.    Afghanistan

B.    Bhutan

C.    Qatar

D.   Nepal

Answer: Qatar

18. Passenger train from Khulna to Kolkata is known as: ___________

Answer: Bondhon

19. According to the Statistical Bureau of Bangladesh, the GDP growth in 2016-17 is:

Answer: 7.28%

20. The latest police station of Dhaka city declared by the government is:

Answer: Dokkhin Khan

21. The biggest power plant of Bangladesh declared by Government:

Answer: Payra

22. The Bangladeshi citizen recently received ‘Laudato Si’ is:

Answer: Sir Fazle Hasan Abed

23. The following is not a Constitutional Organization

A.    Public Service Commission

B.    Controller and Auditor General

C.    Election Commission

D.   Planning Commission

Answer: Planning Commission

24. The country which shares trade with Bangladesh without having any diplomatic relation is:

A.    Israel

B.    North Korea

C.    Myanmar

D.   Taiwan

Answer:  Taiwan

25. Bangladesh product recognized by UNESCO as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ is:

A.    Shital Pati

B.    Rasgulla

C.    Puppetry

D.   Clay-pot

Answer: Shital Pati

26. One Stop Crisis Centre-

A.    prevents violence against women and children

B.    prevents dowry and child marriage

C.    prevents domestic violence

D.   prevents drug addiction

Answer: prevents violence against women and children

27. ____________ is not considered as a factor of production.

A.    Land

B.    Labour

C.    Money

D.   Organization

Answer: Money

28. The ‘Robot Sofia’ is a citizen of

A.    Qatar

B.    Bahrain

C.    Saudi Arabia

D.   Malaysia

Answer: Saudi Arabia

29. The slogan ‘Say, no to drugs’ is for

A.    the young

B.    the women

C.    the adolescent

D.   all

Answer: all

30. The goodwill ambassador of UNDP from Bangladesh is

A.    Mashrafe Bin Mortaza

B.    Jewel Aich

C.    Fazle Hasan Abed

D.   Shakib Al Hasan

Answer: Mashrafe Bin Mortaza

31. The number of goals to achieve SDG is

A.    8

B.    17

C.    18

D.   27

Answer: 17

32. The latest member of Commonwealth

A.    Somalia

B.    Rwanda

C.    Mali

D.   Nigeria

Answer: Rwanda

33. The country is going to introduce 5G internet service

A.    Japan

B.    China

C.    South Korea

D.   USA

Answer: South Korea

34. The direction of rotation of earth on its axis is

A.    East to west

B.    West to east

C.    North to south

D.   South to north

Answer: West to east

35. ISBN is used to identify

A.    Software

B.    Hardware

C.    Periodicals

D.   Books

Answer: Books

36. The capital of Catalonia, the autonomous region of Spain is:

A.    Barcelona

B.    Girona

C.    Madrid

D.   Tarragona

Answer: Barcelona

37. Expected gas reserve in the recent discovered Bhola gas field is ________Billion cft.

A. 700

B. 600

C. 850

D. 650

Expected gas reserve in the recent discovered Bhola gas field (Shahbuzpur) is 677.

38. The Paradise Papers is a

A.    a daily newspaper

B.    a confidential e-document

C.    a secret agency

D.   an intelligence branch

Answer: a confidential e-document

39. The Coalition year: 1996 to 2012 is written by

A.    Amartya Sen

B.    Jyoti Basu

C.    Rehman Sobhan

D.   Pranab Mukharjee

Answer: Pranab Mukharjee

40. The total number of documents and collections recognized by the UNESCO’s ‘The memory of the World Heritage is

A.    317

B.    327

C.    417

D.   427

Answer: 427

41. Donald Trump became President of USA?

A.    49th

B.    40th

C.    55th

D.   45th

Answer: 45th

42. What is the largest river in the world?

A.    Missi Pissi

B.    Amazon

C.    Nile

D.   Yangzee

Answer: Amazon

43. US Senate confirms Christopher Wray as

A.    Indian Ambassador

B.    UN President

C.    FBI Director

D.   NASA Chief

Answer: FBI Director

44. North America shares boundary with Pacific Ocean from

A.    North

B.    West

C.    East

D.   South

Answer: West

45. Which African state is a most recent member of the African Union?

A.    Comoros

B.    Morocco

C.    Lesotho

D.   Algeria

Answer: Morocco

46. Where is the headquarters of European Union located?

A.    London

B.    Brussels

C.    Bonn

D.   Paris

Answer: Brussels

47. Who is the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A.    Asma Nawaz Sharif

B.    Shahid Khagan Abbasi

C.    Maryam Nawaz

D.   Imran Khan

Answer: Shahid Khagan Abbasi

48. What is the name of the currency of Myanmar?

A.    Guarani

B.    Naira

C.    Kyat

D.   Zloty

Answer: Kyat

49. How many times was the constitution of Bangladesh amended?

A.    13

B.    16

C.    15

D.   14

Answer: 16

50. Among which of the following options, Sher Shah was well-known?

A.    War techniques

B.    Market Control

C.    Mansabdari system

D.   Land Revenue System

Answer: Mansabdari system

51. Who became the first tennis player in the world to have 7th appearance in Olympics?

A.    Serena Williams

B.    Martina Hingis

C.    Leander Pacs

D.   Roger Federer

Answer: Leander Pacs

52. Which river of Bangladesh has its origin in Tibet?

A.    Padma

B.    Tista

C.    Brahmputra

D.   Surma

Answer: Brahmputra

53. Who is the designer of the National Flag of Bangladesh?

A.    Qayyum Chowdhury

B.    Kamrul Hasan

C.    Zainul Abedin

D.   Mustafa Monwar

Answer: Kamrul Hasan

54. The number of non-permanent members of UN Security Council is:

A.    10

B.    8

C.    12

D.   14

Answer: 10

55. Who was the first Finance Minister of Bangladesh?

A.    H. M. Quamruzzaman

B.    Syed Nazrul Islam

C.    Captain M. Mansur Ali

D.   Tajuddin Ahmed

Answer: Captain M. Mansur Ali

56. Which city will host 2020 Summer Olympics?

A.    Tokyo

B.    Paris Beijing

C.    Brussels

D.   Los Angeles

Answer: Tokyo

57. The name of the player included in the Guinness Books of World Records is

A.    Shakib Al Hasan

B.    Tamim Iqbal

C.    Zobera Rahman Linu

D.   Rani Hamid

Answer: Zobera Rahman Linu

58. The tenure of the Governor of Bangladesh Bank is:

A.    3 years

B.    4 years

C.    5 years

D.   6 years

Answer: 4 years

59. The duration of National ID card is:

A.    10 years

B.    12 years

C.    15 years

D.   18 years

Answer: 10 years

60. The ministry which controls Bank and Financial Institutions in Bangladesh is:

A.    Ministry of Industry

B.    Ministry of Commerce

C.    Ministry of Planning

D.   Ministry of Finance

Answer: Ministry of Finance

61. The length of the Padma Bridge will be

A.    5.5 Km

B.    6.15 Km

C.    6.00 Km

D.   5.75 Km

Answer: 6.15 Km

62. The name of the first Bangladeshi search engine is:

A.    Butterfly

B.    Pipilika

C.    Doel

D.   Kingfisher

Answer: Pipilika

63. Secondary Market is related to:

A.    Labour Market

B.    Job Market

C.    Stock Market

D.   Agriculture Market

Answer: Stock Market

64. ATM stands for

A.    Automated Teller Machine

B.    Auto Teller Machine

C.    Automatic Teller Machine

D.   Automatic Toll Machine

Answer: Automated Teller Machine

65. The meaning of ‘call money’ is:

A.    Borrowing for Central Bank

B.    Borrowing from finance ministry

C.    Inter-bank short term lending and borrowing

D.   Withdrawal of money from commercial bank by deposit holders

Answer: Inter-bank short term lending and borrowing

66. Bangladesh got the membership of UN in

A.    1972

B.    1974

C.    1975

D.   1973

Answer: 1974

67. Bangladesh is not a member of one of the Forum.


B.    G-8

C.    WTO

D.   D-8

Answer: D-8

68. The first-ever Bangladeshi origin woman selected as the speaker of Tower Hamlets Council in England is:

A.    Rushanara Ali

B.    Rupa Huq

C.    Tulip Siddiqi

D.   Sabina Akhtar

Answer: Sabina Akhtar

69. The oldest news agency of the world is:

A.    CNN

B.    AFP

C.    BBC

D.   Reuters

Answer: AFP

70. The organization received the Nobel Peace Prize for three times is:

A.    International Committee of the Red Cross

B.    Amnesty International

C.    United Nations Organization

D.   Transparency International

Answer: International Committee of the Red Cross

71. The ruling party of Syria is:

A.    Baath Party

B.    Unity Party

C.    Tudeh Party

D.   None of these

Answer: Baath Party

72. The first Nawab of Bengal is:

A.    Alivardi Khan

B.    Murshid Quli Khan

C.    Sirajuddaula

D.   Shujauddin Khan

Answer: Murshid Quli Khan

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