AUST Bank English Questions Part-03(201-237)

AUST Bank English Questions Part-03 : বর্তমান সময়ে bank preli exam এর কথা আসলেই জলের তোড়ে কুমির আসার মত চলে আসে AUST (Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology) এর নাম। সনাতন দা’র আজকের পোস্টে প্রিলির জন্য  AUST Bank English Questions এর সকল প্রশ্ন দেয়া হল। AUST Bank English Questions এর এই পোস্টের বৈশিষ্ট্য হল এখানে মোটামুটিভাবে সকল প্রশ্নের ব্যাখ্যা এবং রেফারেন্স দেয়া হয়েছে।

Previous AUST Bank English Questions থেকে আমি বাছাই করে সর্বমোট ২৩৭টা (জানামতে কোন ডুপ্লিকেট নেই) পেয়েছি। AUST Bank English Questions এই ২৩৭ টা স্বল্প সময়ে পড়ার সুবিধার্থে ৩ ভাগে ভাগ করে দেয়া হল। পরবর্তী পোস্টে দেয়া হবে Passage, Analytical Ability with Explanation .

AUST Bank English Questions Part-03(201-237)/237

AUST Bank English Questions Part-01(1-100/237) দেখুন

AUST Bank English Questions Part-02(101-200/237) দেখুন

AUST Bank English Questions : not similar to the other words in each list.


(A) Height

(B) Huge

(C) Large

(D) Massive

Answer: (A) Height

Exp: Huge, ‘Large, Massive denotes something great or big; Height denotes vertical length.


(A) Inflation

(B) Discourse

(C) Interests

(D) Investment

Answer: (B) Discourse

Exp: Inflation, Interests, Investment are related to economics. Discourse is related to literature.


(A) Strategy

(B) Aim

(C) Goal

(D) Objective

Answer: (A) Strategy

Exp: Aim, Goal, Objective denotes purpose.  Strategy means plan or policy.


(A) Temporary

(B) Short-lived

(C) Transitory

(D) Steady

Answer: (D) Steady

Exp: Temporary, Short-lived, Transitory mean not permanent. Steady means stable.

AUST Bank English Questions : Sentence Correction

২০৫। Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much an achievement as to finish a 400-page novel.

(A) it is to finish

(B) if to finish

(C) finishing

(D) to have finished

Answer: (C) finishing

Exp: Writing = write+ing same as to+finish will be finish+ing = finishing

২০৬। Today, this is totally different world than we have seen in the last decade.

(A) since we have seen

(B) from what we have seen

(C) from what we seen

(D) None of these

Answer: (B) from what we have seen

Exp: Different+from বসে।

২০৭। There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names only.

(A) signatures

(B) initials

(C) pictures

(D) middle names

Answer: (B) initials

২০৮। We demonstrated to them how we were prepared the artistic patterns.

(A) are prepared

(H) have prepared

(C) had prepared

(D) are preparing

Answer: (C) had prepared

২০৯। By such time you finish that chapter, I will write a letter.

(A) By the time

(B) The time when

(C) By that time

(D) The time

Answer: (A) By the time

২১০। She cooks, washes dishes, does her homework and then relaxing.

(A) relaxing then

(B) then is relaxing

(C) relaxing is then

(D) then relaxes

Answer: (D) then relaxes

২১১। One of the most significant phenomenons of our time has been the development of cinema.

(A) phenomenon

(B) phenomena

(C) phenomenonna

(D) phenomenonins

Answer: (B) phenomena

AUST Bank English Questions : Antonyms

২১২। Accumulate

(A) Amass

(B) Produce

(C) Gather

(D) Scatter

Answer: (D) Scatter

২১৩। Costly

(A) Frugal

(B) Economical

(C) Thrifty

(D) Expensive

Answer:  (B) Economical

২১৪। Forbid

(A) Forgive

(B) Refuse

(C) Allow

(D) Deprive

Answer: (C) Allow

২১৫। Abundant

(A) Scarce

(B) Acrimonious

(C) Ingenuous

(D) Heavenly

Answer:  (A) Scarce

২১৬। Gaudy

(A) Sumptuous

(B) Ostentatious

(C) Modest

(D) Blatant

Answer:  (C) Modest

২১৭। Effervescent

(A) Vivacious

(B) Dull

(C) Mediocre

(D) Generous

Answer: (B) Dull

২১৮। Hostile

(A) negative

(B) positive

(C) inimical

(D) friendly

Answer: (D) friendly

২১৯। Illustrious

(A) Unknown

(B) Conspicuous

(C) Venerable

(D) Resplendent

Answer: (A) Unknown

২২০। ACUTE

(A) Sharp

(B) Critical

(C) Dull

(D) Sensitive

Answer: (C) Dull


(A) Straight-Forward

(B) Easy

(C) Complex

(D) Plain

Answer: (B) Easy


(A) Ordered

(B) Alternative

(C) Essential

(D) Compulsory

Answer: (D) Compulsory


(A) Poverty

(B) Continuance

(C) Diffidence

(D) Insurance

Answer: (A) Poverty


(A) Eagerness

(B) Weakness

(C) Softness

(D) Indifference

Answer: (D) Indifference


(A) Retrace

(B) Curtail

(C) Distract

(D) Expose

Answer: (B) Curtail


(A) Ethical

(B) Impetuous

(C) Succinct

(D) Lewd

Answer: (A) Ethical


(A) renown

(B) trepidation

(C) unconventionality

(D) remoteness

Answer: (C) unconventionality


(A) establishment

(B) Retribution

(C) Compliance

(D) Futility

Answer: (A) establishment

২২৯। GAUNT

(A) Emaciated

(B) Plump

(C) Somber

(D) Piquant

Answer: (B) Plump

AUST Bank English Questions : ERROR FINDING

২৩০। The pump (A)/shut off (B) / as a result (C)/ of a mecanical (D)/ failure.

(A) pump

(B) off

(C) result

(D) mecanical

Answer:  (D) mecanical

Exp: Spelling mistake- mechanical.

২৩১। The book is full (A)/ of updated (B) and contemparary (C)/ commentary (D).

(A) full

(B) updated

(C) contemporary

(D) commentary

Answer: (C) contemporary

২৩২। Roshni was found (A)/ of pets and she was a proud (B) / owner of many unique (C)/ animals (D)

(A) found

(B) proud

(C) unique

(D) animals

Answer: (A) found

Exp: fond হবে।

২৩৩। The first thing that catches your eye (A)/ in this building (B)/is the flour (C)/with laser lights (D).

(A) eye

(B) building

(C) flour

(D) lights

Answer:  (C) flour

Exp: floor হবে।

২৩৪। Canals are (A) artificial waterways, often constructed (B) either to transport heavy loads or to (C) delivering water (D) to cities and farms.

(A) artificial

(B) either

(C) delivering

(D) to cities

Answer: (C) delivering

Exp: deliver হবে।

২৩৫। (A) The pineapple, a fruit (B) grow in tropical climates (C) throughout the world, (D) is native to parts of South America.

(A) The

(B) grow

(C) throughout

(D) is

Answer: (B) grow

Exp: growing হবে।

২৩৬। A large (A) number of automobile (B) part are now (C) made of plastic (D) instead of steel.

(A) number

(B) part

(C) made

(D) instead

Answer: (B) part

Exp: number of এরপরে plural number বসবে। parts হবে।

২৩৭। Although a kangaroo (A) normally uses (B) its large feet and strong legs (C) for hopping, (D) but it can also swim.

(A) normally

(B) its large feet

(C) for hopping

(D) but it can

Answer: (D) but it can

Exp: it can হবে। Although থাকার জন্য but ব্যবহার করার প্রয়োজন নাই।

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