AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge Part-02/2

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge : বর্তমান সময়ে bank preli exam এর কথা আসলেই জলের তোড়ে কুমির আসার মত চলে আসে AUST (Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology) এর নাম। সনাতন দা’র আজকের পোস্টে প্রিলির জন্য  AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge এর শেষ পার্ট  মানে পার্ট -02 দেয়া হল। AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge এর এই পোস্টের বৈশিষ্ট্য হল এখানে প্রয়োজনীয় ব্যাখ্যা এবং রেফারেন্স দেয়া হয়েছে।

Previous AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge থেকে আমি বাছাই করে সর্বমোট ১৪০ টা General Knowledge প্রশ্ন পেয়েছি। General Knowledge Question এই ১৪০ টার মধ্যে থেকে স্বল্প সময়ে পড়ার সুবিধার্থে ২ ভাগে ভাগ করে দেয়া হল। পরীক্ষার আগে শুধু একটু সময় নিয়ে ঝেড়ে দিবেন।

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge Part-02(শেষ)

৭১। The study of population is known as

(A) Demography

(B) Chimatology

(C) Petrology

(D) Hydrology

Answer: (A) Demography

৭২। Professor Amartya Sen is associated with –

(A) Biochemistry

(B) Economics

(C) Electronics

(D) Geology

Answer: (B) Economics

৭৩। Each year World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on

(A) June 8

(B) June 18

(C) May 18

(D) May 8

Answer: (D) May 8

৭৪। G-15 is an economic grouping of-

(A) 1st World Nations

(B) 2nd World Nations

(C) 3rd World Nations

(D) 4th World Nations

Answer: (C) 3rd World Nations

৭৫। For galvanizing iron which of the following metal is used?

(A) Lead

(B) Zinc

(C) Aluminum

(D) Copper

Answer: (B) Zinc

৭৬। The first man-made satellite, Sputnik I was launched by the former USSR in

(A) 1957

(B) 1955

(C) 1970

(D) 1967

Answer: (A) 1957

৭৭। The headquarter of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are

(A) Algiers

(B) Vienna

(C) Lagos

(D) Kuwait

Answer: (B) Vienna

৭৮। Brent index is associated with

(A) crude oil prices

(B) shipping rate index

(C) gold future prices

(D) All of these

Answer: A) crude oil prices

৭৯। Headquarters of UNO are situated at

(A) Geneva

(B) New York, USA.

(C) Paris

(D) None of these

Answer: (B) New York, USA.

৮০। Hygrometer is used to measure

(A) relative humidity

(B) purity of milk.

(C) specific gravity

(D) None of these

Answer: (A) relative humidity

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge

৮১। The first meeting of the UN General Assembly was held in which of the following city?

(A) New York

(B) Teheran

(C) San Francisco

(D) London

Answer: (D) London


The first session of the UN General Assembly was convened on 10 January 1946 in the Methodist Central Hall in London and included representatives of 51 nations. The next few annual sessions were held in different cities: the second session in New York City, and the third in Paris.

৮২। Wright brothers are regarded inventors of the

(A) Hot Air Balloon

(B) Aero plane

(C) Bicycle

(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Aero plane

৮৩। The energy of food is measured in

(A) Kelvin

(B) bushel

(C) calories

(D) None of these

Answer: (C) calories


A calorie is a unit that is used to measure energy. The Calorie you see on a food package is actually a kilocalorie, or 1,000 calories.

৮৪। The main object of which of the following UN agency is to help the underdeveloped countries in the task of raising their living standards?





Answer: (C) UNDP

৮৫। BITAC is an institution for technical support/assistance to

(A) cottage industries

(B) industries


(D) All of these

Answer: (B) industries


Bangladesh Industrial and Technical Assistance Center is an autonomous government body and research center that researches ways to improve industrial production and provide technical knowledge and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.It is part of a Bangladesh government strategy to support Small Middle Enterprise.

৮৬। Which Football team stood first in the end-of-the-year FIFA global rankings 2018?

(A) Belgium

(B) France

(C) Switzerland

(D) Germany

Answer: (A) Belgium

৮৭। The second major language (as per the number of speakers) in the world is:

(A) English

(B) Spanish

(C) Hindi

(D) Arabic

Answer: (B) Spanish


Spanish is the second topmost spoken language in the world, after Mandarin with 470 million native speakers and with non-native speakers growing with each passing day. There are currently 100 billion non-native Spanish speakers and is spoken widely in the United States, Belize, Gibraltar, and Andorra. Apart from these places, Spanish is the official language of 11 countries, with the maximum number of speakers in Spain and Mexico.

৮৮। Epsom (England) is the place associated with

(A) Snooker

(C) Shooting

(B) Polo

(D) Horse racing

Answer: (D) Horse racing


Epsom is a market town in Surrey, England, 22.0 km south-west of London. Epsom Downs Racecourse holds The Derby, now a generic name for sports competitions in English-speaking countries.

৮৯। The civilian Airport of highest altitude is in

(A) Tibet

(B) China

(C) Nepal

(D) India

Answer: (A) Tibet

Exp:  China opened the world’s highest civilian airport in a remote Tibetan region of southwestern Sichuan province, which will cut journey times from the provincial capital from two days to a little more than one hour.

৯০। In absorption of insolation, the most significant part is played by

(A) Ozone

(B) Oxygen

(C) Haze

(D) Carbon dioxide

Answer: (A) Ozone

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge

৯১। Which of the following countries as successfully launched its first hypersonic aircraft?

(A) India

(B) China

(C) Russia

(D) United States

Answer: (B) China

Exp: The hypersonic aircraft was designed by the CAAA in collaboration with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
৯২। Where is “Ground Zero”?

(A) Greenwich

(B) Indira Point

(C) New York

(D) Shriharikota

Answer: (C) New York

Exp: In terms of nuclear explosions and other large bombs, the term “ground zero” (also known as “surface zero”) describes the point on the Earth’s surface closest to a detonation.

৯৩। The branch of science dealing with the study or collection of banknotes and medals is known as

(A) Aphnology

(B) Accountancy

(C) Chrematistics

(D) Numismatics

Answer: (D) Numismatics

৯৪। Which one among the following is responsible for formation of Ozone Holes in the stratosphere?

(A) Chloro Floro Carbon

(B) Benzopyrene

(C) Hydrocarbons

(D) UV radiation

Answer: (A) Chloro Floro Carbon

৯৫। Which of the following countries has recently launched the world’s longest zip line, measuring 2.83km in length?

(A) China

(B) Japan


(D) None of these

Answer: (C) UAE

৯৬। Commonwealth of Nations headquarter situated in ?
(A) London
(B) Washington Dc
(C) Geneva
(D) None of these
Answer: (A) London

৯৭। World’s biggest solar power plant is situated in?
(A) China
(C) Saudi Arabia
(D) None of these
Answer: (A) China

৯৮। Which country has adopted Bengali language the status of second state language?
(A) India
(B) Nepal
(C) Sierra Leone
(D) Uganda
Answer: (C) Sierra Leone

৯৯। The value of gold determined in
(c) New York
Answer: (d)London

১০০। Head office of Coca Cola company is
(a)New York
(C)New jersey
Answer: (b)Atlanta

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge

১০১। World Trade Organization came into existence in _______.

(A) 1992

(B) 1993

(C) 1994

(D) 1995

Answer: (D) 1995

Exp: The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an intergovernmental organization that is concerned with the regulation of international trade between nations. The WTO officially commenced on 1 January 1995 under the Marrakesh Agreement, signed by 124 nations on 15 April 1994, replacing the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which commenced in 1948. It is the largest international economic organization in the world.

১০৪। Mount Etna is a famous volcano located in __________.

(A) Argentina

(B) Italy

(C) Mexico

(D) Philippines

Answer: (B) Italy

Exp: Mount Etna, or Etna is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, in the Metropolitan City of Catania, between the cities of Messina and Catania.

১০২। Which of the county is known as the Sugar Bowl of the World?

(A) Brazil

(B) Mexico

(C) Cuba

(D) Algeria

Answer: (A) Brazil

Exp: The term sugar bowl of the world was invented to refer to a region of the world with high sugar production. The 42,426 square mile nation of Cuba earned the title as the sugar bowl of the world due to the massive amounts of sugar produced in the country. However, due to many challenges, the quantity of sugar produced in Cuba declined which resulted in Brazil getting the title.

Until 1960 Cuba is the largest Sugar Exporter in world so it is been called as Sugar Bowl of the World. In 2017-18 Year Brazil leading in Suagr production 38.9 million metric tons.

১০৩। Which of following city in the world known as ‘Big Apple’?

(A) New York

(B) Sweden

(C) Canada

(D) Uganda

Answer: (A) New York

Exp: “Big Apple” is a nickname for New York City. It was first popularized in the 1920s by John J. Fitz Gerald, a sports writer for the New York Morning Telegraph. Its popularity since the 1970s is due in part to a promotional campaign by the New York tourist authorities.

১০৪। Head office of international court of Justice (II) is located in ______.

(A) New York, USA

(B) Tokyo, Japan

(c) Hague, Netherlands.

(D) None of these

Answer: (c) Hague, Netherlands.

Exp: It is the main judicial organ or branch of the United Nations. In short, International Court of Justice is ICJ; sometimes people call it the World Court. In French language, it is Cour internationale de justice. Established ICJ in 1945, ICJ has its headquarters at The Hague, Netherlands.

১০৫। Which of the following countries leads in the production of gold?

(A) China

(B) Bhutan

(C) Tibet

(D) None of these

Answer: (A) China


RankCountryGold production (metric tons)
4United States245

১০৬। What is the total length of World’s longest Hong Kong Zhuhai bridge?

(A) 75 km

(B) 65 km

(C) 50 km

(D) 55 km

Answer: (D) 55 km

Exp: The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (HZMB) is a 55-kilometre (34 mi) bridge–tunnel system consisting of a series of three cable-stayed bridges, an undersea tunnel, and four artificial islands. It is both the longest sea crossing and the longest fixed link on earth. The HZMB spans the Lingding and Jiuzhou channels, connecting Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai—three major cities on the Pearl River Delta.

১০৭। Which of the following country has recently topped the E-Government Development Survey 2018?

(A) Sweden

(B) Australia

(C) Denmark

(D) United States

Answer: (C) Denmark


E–Government Development Index – Top 10 Countries- 2018

১০৮। The device used for measuring altitudes is

(A) Audiometer

(B) Ammeter

(C) Altimeter

(D) Galvanometer

Answer: (C) Altimeter


  1. An audiometer is a machine used for evaluating hearing acuity.
  2. An ammeter(from Ampere Meter) is a measuring instrument used to measure the current in a circuit.
  3. an instrument for detecting and measuring small electric currents.

১০৯। Which country bans on the oldest and most polluting diesel cars to protect climate?

(A) France

(B) Germany

(C) China

(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Germany

১১০। Which of the following is the largest and the deepest ocean of the world?

(A) Arctic

(B) Atlantic

(C) Pacific

(D) Indian

Answer: (C) Pacific

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge

১১১। ASEAN is headquartered at

(A) Jakarta

(B) Male

(C) Kathmandu

(D) Kuala Lumpur

Answer: (A) Jakarta

১১২। Which country is stand on second country in the world according to most roads?

(A) China

(B) India

(C) Afghanistan

(D) South Korea

Answer: (B) India

১১৩। Number of temporary members of the UN Security Council is

(A) 5

(B) 15

(C) 10

(D) None of these

Answer: (C) 10

Exp: The Council is composed of 15 Members:

Five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and ten non-permanent members elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly (with end of term year):

1. Belgium (2020)6. Indonesia (2020)
2. Côte d’Ivoire (2019)7. Kuwait (2019)
3. Dominican Republic (2020)8. Peru (2019)
4. Equatorial Guinea (2019)9. Poland (2019)
5. Germany (2020)10. South Africa (2020)

১১৪। Regional Cooperation Development Headquarter located in:

(A) Tehran

(B) Islamabad

(C) Istanbul

(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Istanbul

১১৫। Which country is developing a 750-acre Industrial zone in Bangladesh?

(A) Japan

(B) India

(C) Malaysia

(D) China

Answer: (D) China

১১৬। In which year American Independence was acknowledged by England?

(A) 1782

(B) 1783

(C) 1784

(D) 1785

Answer: (B) 1783

১১৭। Which of the following countries has recently launched amnesty program for foreign workers overstaying permits?

(A) Iran


(C) Israel

(D) Jordon

Answer: (B) UAE

১১৮। Which of the following countries is planning to create a Space Force by 2020?

(A) China

(B) Russia

(C) India

(D) United States

Answer:  (D) United States


US Vice President Mike Pence has laid out an ambitious plan that would begin creating a military command dedicated to space and establish a “Space Force” as the sixth branch of the US military as soon as 2020, the first since the Air Force was formed shortly after World War II.

১১৯। Name the singer who was 18-time Grammy Award winner, passed away recently,

(A) Aretha Franklin

(B) Whitney Houston

(C) Patti LaBelle

(D) Tina Turner

Answer: (A) Aretha Franklin


Aretha Franklin, the legendary, 18-time Grammy Award-winning “Queen of Soul,” died Thursday in Detroit at age 76. She was surrounded by family and loved ones.

The cause of death of the singer of iconic songs like “Respect” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” was advanced pancreatic cancer, according to her representative, Gwendolyn Quinn.

১২০। The humidity of air measured in percentage is called

(A) Absolute humidity

(B) Specific humidity

(C) Relative humidity

(D) All of these

Answer: (C) Relative humidity


The relative humidity of an air-water mixture is also defined as the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor in the mixture to the saturated vapor pressure of water at a given temperature.

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge

১২১। The exchange of commodities between two countries is referred as

(A) Balance of trade

(B) Bilateral trade

(C) Volume of trade

(D) Multilateral trade

Answer: (B) Bilateral trade


A bilateral trade is the exchange of goods between two nations promoting trade and investment. The two countries will reduce or eliminate tariffs, import quotas, export restraints, and other trade barriers to encourage trade and investment.

১২২। Luanda is the capital of which country?

(A) Guyana

(B) Liberia

(C) Armenia

(D) Angola

Answer:  (D) Angola


Luanda, formerly named São Paulo, is the capital and largest city in Angola, and the country’s most populous and important city, primary port and major industrial, cultural and urban centre. Located on Angola’s coast with the Atlantic Ocean, Luanda is both Angola’s chief seaport and its administrative centre.

১২৩। The regulations related to intellectual property is known as





Answer: (C) TRIPS

১২৪। Which of the following countries has recently topped the Global Innovation Index for the eighth consecutive year in 2018?

(A) Switzerland

(B) Sweden

(C) Netherlands

(D) Singapore

Answer: (A) Switzerland

১২৫। Which of the following has recently hosted the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games?

(A) Vietnam

(B) India

(C) Malaysia

(D) Indonesia

Answer: (D) Indonesia

১২৬। Which of the following countries does not have a border with Afghanistan?

(A) Iran

(B) Georgia

(C) Turkmenistan

(D) Uzbekistan

Answer: (B) Georgia

১২৭। Which one among the following African countries is not landlocked?

(A) Zambia

(B) Uganda

(C) Angola

(D) Zimbabwe

Answer: (C) Angola

১২৮। A bank’s fixed deposit is also referred to as a –

(A) Term Deposit

(B) Saving Bank Deposit

(C) Current deposit

(D) Demand deposit

Answer: (A) Term Deposit

১২৯। The Uber Cup is associated with which sports?

(A) Cricket

(B) Football

(C) Badminton

(D) Tennis

Answer: (C) Badminton

১৩০। The world’s largest diamond producing country is-


(B) South Africa

(C) England

(D) Russia

Answer: (D) Russia

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge

১৩১। When did World War 2 start?

(A) 1937

(B) 1938

(C) 1939

(D) 1940

Answer: (C) 1939

১৩২। Which one of the following has recently launched reusable rocket to send a communication satellite for Indonesia into the orbit?


(B) Space X



Answer: (B) Space X

১৩৩। Which of the following city has recently topped the Global Liveability Index 2018?

(A) Melbourne

(B) Osaka

(C) Calgary

(D) Vienna

Answer: (D) Vienna

১৩৪। During periods of inflation, tax rates should

(A) Increase

(B) Decrease

(C) Remain constant

(D) Fluctuate

Answer: (A) Increase

১৩৫। Who was the Founder of Bluetooth?

(A) Martin Cooper

(B) Ericson

(C) Steve Jobs

(D) Apple

Answer: (B) Ericson

১৩৬। Who is not a member of World Trade Organization?

(A) Bangladesh

(B) Morocco

(C) Mexico

(D) Russia

Answer: All are members

১৩৭। The headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are situated at

(a) Vienna

(b) Geneva

(c) Rome

(d) Paris

Answer: (a) Vienna

১৩৮। India has largest deposits of ______ in the world.

(a) gold

(b) copper

(c) mica

(d) None of the above

Answer: (c) mica

১৩৯। In cricket, a run taken when the ball passes the batsman without touching his bat or body is called

(a) leg bye

(b) bye

(c) bosic

(d) drive

Answer: (b) bye

১৪০। The chief constituent of gobar (গোবর) gas is

(a) ethane

(b) methane

(C) hydrogen

(d) carbon dioxide

Answer: (b) methane

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge Question Part-01

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge Question ছাড়া আরও দেখুন ১৪টি মডেল কোয়েশ্চেন।

AUST Bank Preli General Knowledge Question ছাড়াও দেখুন AUST Bank Computer Question Answer Part-01 সাধারণ(1-84) দেখুন

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